Larry Treleven celebrates 50 years with Sprague Pest Solutions

Tacoma, Washington. When Larry Treleven joined Sprague Pest Solutions as a service technician on April 1, 1971, it wasn’t his first rodeo in the pest control industry. Treleven had teamed up with his father, Bob, as a child and got an in-depth and personal look at an industry that was becoming a lifelong endeavor.

Treleven, the oldest of eleven children, has had a career in which Sprague grew from a single office in Tacoma to service centers in seven western states, next generation in the family business to make sure the company lives up to its mission remains true.

Treleven and his wife Jane’s, three children, Ross, Paul and Angela, are the fourth generation of Trelevens to be actively involved in the business to run the company.

“We’re not in the pest control business, we’re in the people business,” said Treleven. “It has been very worthwhile doing 50 years of helping provide safer food and healthier places to live and work alongside family and a great team.”

The University of Washington graduate has received numerous awards throughout his career, including being inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame for Pest Management Professional magazine, receiving the Crown Leadership Award from Pest Control Technology magazine, and a founding member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Professional Pest Management Alliance, which promotes the value of professional pest control services to consumers.

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Treleven has an active role as Sprague’s representative on numerous association and non-profit bodies and committees. One of his most important companies is advocating state legislations and regulators in several western states as the representative of NPMA State Policy Affairs on behalf of the industry.

“Larry has always wanted one thing for Sprague Pest Solutions and the organizations he was involved in: success for the organizations and success for the people he works with,” said Alfie Treleven, CEO of Sprague. “Larry was a great business partner and an accomplished team player. He has helped the next generation successfully carry on the traditions of business together while serving the needs of the larger communities being served. Larry really lives a ministry above himself. “

Son Ross, who was named Sprague president in October 2020, said his father’s genuine care for people inspired employees and industry peers alike.

“50 years is a milestone,” said Ross. “Dad loves to describe how the timber industry harvests trees and then replant them for a period of 20 to 50 years. At Sprague, we like to think in terms of generations, and much of that mindset is based on his ability to see how things change over time and why it’s always so important to look ahead. “

About Sprague Pest Solutions: Sprague Pest Solutions provides leading food processing, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality and distribution services in the western United States, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and California.

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