La Mirada says OK – at least temporarily – to the electric fence for Camping World – Whittier Daily News

Almost nine months and several robberies after La Mirada Camping World’s application to use an electric fence for security was denied, city council members turned back and gave at least temporary permission to install it.

The city council voted 5-0 on Tuesday April 13 to instruct staff to begin the process of changing the zone code. It has to go to the Planning Commission and then the City Council so that companies like Camping World, 14900 Firestone Blvd. are not in industrial areas where electric fencing is legal to have the same.

In addition, the electric fence will only be permitted temporarily until the widening of the nearby 5 Freeway has been completed and the area – which is now largely empty – has been completely redeveloped.

“It’s a good compromise,” said Alderman Ed Eng. “It addresses the immediate need. It’s more of a case-by-case exception. What I don’t want is for every company to come in and say they want an electric fence. I don’t want electric fences going up all over town. “

City manager Jeff Boynton said the city’s vision for the region includes hotels and restaurants – and that doesn’t match electric fences.

The council in July turned down Camping World’s appeal against a rejection of the planning commission’s motion for an electric fence. However, the then members suggested that there might be ways to redesign the plan.

Since then, city planners have approved an electric fence along the back property line of Camping World near the railroad. On March 9, Martha Lehnen, General Manager of Camping World, and Keith Kaneko, Director of Government Relations at Amarok (formerly South Carolina-based Electric Guard Dog), filed for approval for an electric fence. Amarok would install the fence if allowed to do so.

Kaneko and Lehnen told the council the business has had a lot of problems.

In one case, four people walked in early in the morning and stole two recreational vehicles that were there for service and a trailer, she said.

“Our back fence was cut five to six times and they took everything they could get their hands on,” Lehnen said. “Give us the opportunity to have an electric fence installed so we can have some security.”

In a telephone interview on Wednesday April 14th, Lehnen described the council’s action as a step in the right direction.

“I think they were at least willing to listen,” she said. “You are making an attempt to alleviate the problem.”

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