KitchenAid 2021 Color of the Year: The color you might see on kitchen appliances all over the place

After a long period of market research and introspection, lacquer companies come out of the woodworks every year to proclaim their “color of the year”. These attempts to capture the design zeitgeist can often reveal interesting associations between mood and color, as the latest round of trend forecasting has shown.

And as it turns out, the world of kitchen appliances has a thing or two to say about the role of color in our homes as well – at least if KitchenAid’s bright, bold choice of its own color of the year is an indication of that. This week, the 102-year-old appliance company, known for its sleek line of stand mixers and mixers, unveiled Honey as its Color of the Year 2021. The selection expanded the already wide range of the brand to include a gold-orange area that stands out from the others on every kitchen countertop.

As the name suggests, Honey is all about joy and sweetness. While 2021 Colors of the Year from color brands emphasized our desires for wellness, tranquility and healing at a time when our home plays a more important role in our lives, KitchenAid emphasizes that Honey emphasizes the sense of harmony and community that comes from people Get together – ideally over a fresh batch of biscuits. As confirmed by a lookbook on the KitchenAid website, Honey is perfectly able to play with mid-century classic, modern styles and even more eclectic kitchen design themes.

“It is becoming increasingly clear to KitchenAid that the warmth of humankind is paramount,” said Jon Bellante, KitchenAid’s global marketing director, in a press release. “Honey is not just a product that we use in recipes around the world. It is an invitation to contact and a reminder of the joy that comes with working together. “

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The idea of ​​an appliance brand jumping into the color of the annual talk may seem unexpected, but KitchenAid’s story shows that it certainly has a say when it comes to inspiring hues. With the first colorful product launched back in 1955, the legendary Artisan Stand Mixer is now sold in more than 40 colors, from Aqua Sky to Empire Red to Matte Black. Along the way, the collection has proven that self-expression in the kitchen is not limited to just what you cook, but extends to the tools that are at your disposal.

If you like this trendy kitchen color, the K400 Blender and the Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer from KitchenAid are now available in Honey. While we may not be able to get as many friends and family together in our kitchen as we would like today, there is no doubt that Honey will look forward to brighter, sweeter days.

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