Kitchen Expansion Costs – an expert guide on how much to spend

The cost of a kitchen extension can be difficult to quantify because there are so many different factors – size, design, difficulty, access, materials and finishes chosen. But there is no doubt that one of the best kitchen extensions in your home opens up all sorts of options in terms of look, feel and functionality. So it pays to act well and not skimp on costs in order to achieve the desired result. We asked some of our experts to give us an idea of ​​what to expect.


Kitchen extension costs Barbara Cortesi

Kitchen by Barbara Cortesi

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“When considering an extension, first consider how long you want to stay in your house. Is this your home forever? Is this a one-off project and therefore a chance to design your dream kitchen? Or maybe you are moving in a few years? “Asks George Forsyth of the Handmade Furniture Company, Drew Forsyth & Co as much as if this were your home forever.”

It also depends on whether you keep the kitchen in the same place. “The first question you ask yourself when planning a large kitchen conversion or extension is:“ Is the kitchen really in the right room in the house? ”Consider the room and the room and how the room is accessible from other rooms “says George.” Would you like a view from your kitchen? Does your lounge have a better view that you never appreciate because you can’t see it when you sit on the sofa? How much you will spend on a new kitchen Due to personal circumstances, even with small kitchen extension ideas, it is usually 5-10% of the value of your home. ”


Kitchen extension costs

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“The bigger the extension, the bigger the kitchen to complete it, and with it the cost,” says Kye Ranson, designer at InHouse Inspired Room Designs. Knowing how to plan a kitchen extension is a great way to keep track. “When you have your plans, get a good interior designer to do a virtual plan for you before building. Visit showrooms and select kitchen cabinets, appliance brands and models before you lay the foundation. It’s easier to change on paper than if it were Once built, you are less likely to make costly mistakes. “

3. The cost of a kitchen extension in the US

Kitchen extension costs

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According to reports, the average spend on major kitchen remodeling, which involves replacing all cabinets and appliances, is $ 35,000. While this applies to remodeling, not kitchen extension costs, it is a good guide. Homeowners renovating their kitchens tend to opt for custom or semi-custom cabinets (76%). Shaker-style cabinet doors and white cabinet doors are still the top choices in the United States.


Kitchen extension costs

Kitchen by Design Space London

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“Today, the high moving costs, stamp duty, etc. have a significant impact on the housing market. It makes financial sense to look into the possibility of adding an extension to your existing home, ”said Richard Atkins, Design Director, Design Space London. “If the footprint of your property allows it, it may be possible to expand up, to the sides and back, adding to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms at a cost that in many cases is less than the total cost for buying a larger property. ”


Fetched kitchen extension costs

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“The cost of an expansion depends on the size and requirements,” says Luisa Scotto di Fasano from ALM Studios. “They can be anywhere from 50 to 150,000 pounds or more. This includes the extensions, folding doors, ideas for kitchen extensions made of glass, the kitchen itself, the flooring and perhaps the underfloor heating. ”

6. Ballpark pay for kitchen expansion costs that include utility rooms

A wrap-around extension that creates a large open kitchen-dining area, utility and pantry-style trunk would cost around £ 500.00, suggests Create Bespoke and Alexander Owen Architects.

The cost of expanding a Victorian patio

According to Amos Goldreich Architecture, an extension to a Victorian townhouse with double doors and a statement window with a border would cost around £ 200,000.

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