Kitchen doors opened, medicine bottles moved in the flood

Markus Harvey’s kitchen cabinet doors were opened and his child’s empty medicine bottles were moved, but nothing was taken away on the night he chased several people from his flooded Maugerville home in May.

Harvey was the first to testify in the trial of Travis Lloyd Hunt, one of three men accused of breaking and entering and owning a stolen canoe.

“My house was robbed as a kid,” said Harvey, explaining how he locks every door and window before going to sleep. That’s why … I carry this with me. Forty years later, it’s still rife in my head. “

Farmer Markus Harvey says he took this photo of three people who broke into his home. (Submitted: Markus Harvey)

Hunt has been in custody since he and two other men were arrested after Harvey called the police when he saw three men get into a canoe around 5:30 a.m. on May 6 and paddle away from his home.

May saw the worst recent flooding along the lower St. John River. Hundreds of people’s homes in the Maugerville area east of Fredericton had been evacuated, but Harvey said he stayed behind because he feared someone might break in.

He also looked after the neighbors’ animals and checked in other people who chose to stay behind.

“Nice day for canoeing”

Gwen Moxon, the co-owner of Country Pumpkin in Maugerville, told the Burton court that she had received a phone call from her son asking her to look for people in a red canoe.

She said she saw three men paddling through the flooded area behind her home and took photos that were presented to the court.

She described the three men in the boat, one in a yellow rain suit and two others in black hoodies. She couldn’t see any of their faces.

She said her husband spoke to the men when they were near her home, but he did not face any allegations. He said, “Nice day for canoeing” and one of the men replied, “It would be better with an engine.”

She said she decided to take pictures because her home was broken into in the past.

Spin in a vortex

The last testimony on Thursday was from conservation officer Shane Hellyer, who was in the lifeboat that found the three men.

Hellyer said the men were wet and cold and the canoe was spinning in a hot tub.

They called for help and asked to be dragged ashore, where they were arrested.

Hunt is the last of the three men charged with the same crime to appear in court after filing a plea.

Brandon Drew Hatchard of Perth-Andover had his trial earlier this month and the judge has reserved his decision until October.

The third man, Chance Arthur Leslie of Middle Hainesville, pleaded guilty.

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