Keith and Kristina are finishing their home renovation

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar are possibly one of the most solid couples to come from Married at First Sight.

While things looked a bit tricky on the Philadelphia season of the Lifetime hit, these two really have teamed up to form one of the cutest and funniest couples out there.

It’s no secret that renovating a home can end a relationship with all the stress of supplies, contractors, and constant construction. But Kristine and Keith managed to get to the other side and now they proudly show off the before and after of their new home and let’s just say it’s impressive!

Keith and Kristine have an announcement

In this exclusive couple-at-first sight marriage, Keith and Kristine excitedly tell the camera that they have an announcement.

Lesson learned!!  Paige Banks recently revealed the greatest thing she has learned from her tumultuous marriage to Chris Williams: “You have to make up your mind.

Lesson learned!! Paige Banks recently revealed the greatest thing she has learned from her tumultuous marriage to Chris Williams: “You have to make up your own mind.” No doubt her biggest fan (Jamie Otis) loved that

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“We finished the Reno,” announced Keith. After the couple finished cheering, he said, “… finally!”

As the MAFS couple show the audience the newly renovated house, Keith says, “We have new stairs,” while pointing out the perfectly polished stairs and new spindles.

Kristine interferes: “This is a sexy staircase.”

Keith also pointed out the hole behind the stairs and reminded Kristine of when he’d made the hole. She made it clear that she hadn’t forgotten.

But now the hole is just another set of stairs that seem to lead to a basement.

On our tour of Keith and Kristine’s house, they show us the most important part. Keith called the Reno kitchen the “biggest project”.

Kristine said she was and should be “so happy” with the result of the renovation. After all, her house no longer looked a bit dated and cluttered, but was clean, open and very, very pretty.

Keith and Kristine learned a lot from each other

While Keith and Kristine admitted that the process of renovating their home was “stressful at times,” Kristine made sure they “learned a lot from each other” too.

They obviously worked hard to turn their home into a sanctuary that both would love, and it shows.

In fact, Keith was so pleased with the result that he even offered to cook dinner, which surprised Kristine. As many MAFS fans should remember, it was during her time on the main show that Keith learned how to cook to impress Kristine.

It was one of the reasons she fell in love with him and quoted that he really went the extra mile to make sure she knew he appreciated her.

Now both can appreciate her lovely new makeover and Keith’s dinner.

Be sure to check out the exclusive look at Couples Cam to see how beautiful Keith and Kristine’s home looks now, and don’t forget to tune in tonight to see what the other MAFS couples are up to.

Keith and Kristine proudly show the results of their renovation. Photo credit: Lifetime

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