Katie Price opens home renovation account for ‘Mucky Mansion’

Katie Price will keep fans updated on the progress of the ‘Mucky Mansion’ (Image: YouTube)

Katie Price set up an Instagram account for her home renovation for her home, dubbed the “Mucky Mansion,” after considering whether or not to move back into the property.

The former glamor model, 42, renamed the house “Plucky Mansion” as she hopes to restore the house to its former glory and make it habitable again.

Katie, who also sees homes with 32-year-old Carl Woods, had revealed in her most recent YouTube video that she is considering returning to the £ 2 million mansion, but only if it’s unrecognizable like it was before looked like.

She told her followers that she would be recording the transformation and wrote, ‘Follow my new Instagram page @plucky_mansion dedicated to my house.

“I’ve decided to transform myself into a family home again and you can enjoy it and give me advice and watch the trip.”

She also asked fans of home renovation companies to get in touch to design and decorate a space of their home in their own style.

Katie Price starts Reno home account for the mucky mansion

Katie is considering moving back in when the house is fixed (Image: Youtube / Katie Price)

Katie’s villa had fallen into disrepair after moving out of a nightmare year of bankruptcy, driving bans and a stay in the priory for severe trauma rehabilitation.

She lived between a rented house and her friend Carl’s house, which he recently sold to buy another place.

Katie revealed on her YouTube channel that she is having a hard time spending time in her old home as it reminds her of bad situations from the past and affects her mental health.

She explained: “So that I can move into the house, nothing can be the same as it was before. Because of my sanity, it just reminds me of situations and I don’t like it. ‘

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The property has been attacked by thieves and vandals since it was empty. Burglars even flooded Katie’s bathroom, causing the ceiling in her kitchen to fall from the water damage.

Katie also admitted that the house has everything she and Carl were looking for in a potential property but needs a complete renovation before it is habitable again.

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