JakenbakeLIVE mocks new Twitch meta with parody whirlpool stream after not banning it

IRL Twitch streamer JakenbakeLIVE made a stunning return from its Twitch ban, broadcasting from its brand new hot tub for almost five hours – which mocked the new trend.

Known for its travel streams, JakenbakeLIVE was forced to get creative with its streaming as the global outbreak forced him to be locked up at home.

Unfortunately, he was banned from the platform on March 27th for using his phone while driving. While the ban was supposed to last for a week, it was lifted after just two days as he drove on private property and did not put others in danger.

He was planning on capitalizing on a controversial Twitch trend and celebrating his return with a hot tub stream, and the boy delivered it.

If you miss the 2021 Meta Breaking # 1 Whirlpool Stream … then who are you really?!? 💦 https://t.co/HJjRccbMon pic.twitter.com/6LQS2YNRHj

– Jake’n’Bake @ LA @ (@jakenbakeLIVE) April 3, 2021

Along with Indiefoxx, a pioneer of some undeniably controversial streaming antics, and his girlfriend, model Water Lynn, Jakenbake aired a 5.5-hour hot tub stream.

The stream was a huge hit for Jakenbake as it gained 1,545 new subscribers to its channel. This was thanks in no small part to a list of reward levels that introduced new challenges or aspects as new milestones were reached, including putting on makeup and wearing a bikini.

Jake also took a sheet of Indiefoxx ‘book by writing the names of the submarines on his body and at one point parodying the IRL streamer Amouranth.

However, not all hot tub streams do as well as this one. The streamer ImJasmine, for example, pointed out the risk of bringing electronics near water at the beginning of her 200,000 follower celebration stream.

While Twitch ToS regulates against exposed bodies in most cases, there are contextual exceptions, including for people in hot tubs, on the beach or in similar environments. That is why the practice has become so popular.

The boom in popularity has not yet convinced JakenbakeLIVE to produce more whirlpool streams. With a top audience of 10,000 viewers, this stream was undoubtedly a great success.

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