Inflatable and above-ground pools are the new must-have in Richmond and across the country for entertainment

Before the quarantine, she said that up to 15 people could fit in her pool, which is 18 feet wide and 52 inches deep. This summer she said she can have up to five people in the pool within a reasonable social distance of 6 feet from each other.

“I invite my friends. We conjure up a lot of basil margaritas. I’m there every day, ”she said.

Marcus Roberts, L, with Brad Kutner, R and dog Buddy at the pool.


Above-ground pools require daily maintenance, according to Hammer and Kutner. If you are thinking of buying one, be prepared to deal with it, including cleaning with chemicals like chlorine or shock treatment, a powered chlorine, and vacuuming and operating the filter on a daily basis.

In the past few years, Kutner and his husband Marcus Roberts have hosted wild parties with musicians, bands and up to 12 people in the pool at the same time. This year, under the message of “Safer Home,” they plan to hold inconspicuous gatherings with six or fewer people, including yourself.

“If you can do it, it’s a great source of fun and escape all summer long. The joke is how little we paid for it. We definitely got our money’s worth, ”said Kutner.

If you can’t find (or afford) an above-ground or large inflatable pool this summer, there are still ways to have fun and cool off in quarantine.

Ashley Lewis

Ashley Lewis and her two year old son Logan in their new inflatable pool.

Bruce Lewis

Bruce, 32, and Ashley Lewis, 31, bought a 7-foot inflatable pool from Sun Squad at Target for around $ 45 in May. He’s a firefighter, she’s a nurse, and they set it up in their driveway for a splash session with their 2 year old son Logan.

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