In Home Flooring Brings Personalized Flooring Service To Denver

Colorado based In Home Flooring is pleased to announce the launch of their new flooring service, available now for all their Denver area customers. Having identified a problem in how customers were once obliged to consider a variety of flooring options in an unfamiliar environment, the company is delighted to share that their new service will now bring said options directly to the customer’s own residence for a personalized consultation as well as several other amenities. Further details can be found on the company’s newly launched website.

This service, notably, is all-inclusive, which means that homeowners can expect to have the full extent of their flooring needs met by a single provider. According to the company, the issue begins with the act of shopping itself. When a homeowner wishes to update or change their flooring for any reason, they generally have to locate the nearest flooring stores in their area and then commit some time to travel to them all. In addition to being time-consuming, In Home Flooring points out that this is largely inefficient since they would need to check a sample’s appearance in the lighting and environment of their home for the most accurate results. This is impossible at a store that will most likely maintain a single type of lighting throughout its premises, leaving customers to guess what would look best in other conditions.

Some customers will take the approach of buying samples of every flooring option they like in order to make better comparisons at home. While this would help, it is similarly wasteful, and the discarded samples sometimes cannot be returned. Fortunately, In Home Flooring has the answer.

Given that people buy flooring for specific spaces, in this case their homes, In Home Flooring decided to take the more practical route of visiting each customer’s residence with a selection of flooring options. This allows customers to quickly and conveniently compare possibilities and narrow down the options much faster (especially since it eliminates the need for a second or third trip to the store). However, this is by no means the end of the company’s involvement. Should the customer decide to entrust their home’s flooring update to In Home Flooring’s experienced contractors, the company will make sure the installation is completed to the highest of industry standards.

On one hand, the team will take care of a number of minor yet no less crucial aspects of the installation, such as measuring the space accurately as well as preparing it to ensure it lasts as long as expected. On the other hand, customers always have the personal attention of company owner and project manager, Jillian Rowe, whose background in interior design and years of experience in the flooring industry make her a valuable resource for any customer.

Jillian RoweAccording to Jillian Rowe, every single customer is entitled to a full design consultation where she will have a frank discussion regarding their goals and enumerate what their options may be. This is true no matter how familiar the customer may be with flooring — Rowe explains that she can simply get involved enough to make sure a project is executed in line with a customer’s vision. Those who know little about flooring or who might even find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choices can also rely on Rowe to guide them from step to step. Since she is always on hand, they can direct any and all questions to her instead of having to make their way through several intermediaries (as they might expect with other providers). In either case, the final decision always rests with the customer, and Rowe’s team will bring it to life exactly as agreed.

Following the consultation, the team will bring samples to the customer’s home. Once the necessary decisions are made, Rowe and her team will take over completely, taking measurements, developing accurate estimates, ordering the right materials, scheduling installation, and more. Since the method of installation has an impact on the longevity of the flooring, customers will be pleased to learn that In Home Flooring abides by strict standards in every project. See more here: Flooring Denver.

Denver homeowners who wish to enjoy a personalized flooring installation are welcome to contact Jillian Rowe of In Home Flooring at their earliest convenience. The company will promptly schedule a design consultation. Further details are available on the official In Home Flooring website.


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