I’m a plumbing expert and here’s how to slash your gas bills – all you need are two hacks

A PLUMBER has shared a hack on how to easily lower your energy bill each month.

Waseem Hussain, who goes by @plumbingdoctors on TikTok, shared a video for those who have gas-powered homes.


This easy trick can lower your gas bill

He recommends lowering the domestic hot water temperature. First, set it to 122°F, and then run the bath to see if it’s hot enough.

If it’s too hot at the hottest setting, you can continue to lower it until it gets to a temperature you enjoy.

The lower you set the temperature, the more money you’ll save.

Once you’ve done that, check to see if comfort mode is on.

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This is a setting that’s often automatically turned on in the broiler settings. It allows water to pre-heat, meaning that hot water will be readily available as soon as the faucet is on.

Turning it off will save you money on your gas bill.

Another easy way to lower your bill is by shutting off the lights, and a new gadget can make it easier than ever.

Sarah, who is known as the House of Sequins on Instagram, revealed that SwitchBot can also be used to make your morning coffee.

In a clip, she explained the gadget can turn on lights directly from your cell phone.

All you have to do is download the SwitchBot app and pair up the device via Bluetooth.

The SwitchBot can be stuck near your light switches and coffee machine.

When it’s paired, a robotic arm pops out that can turn on your household items.

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