I’m a DIY whizz & transformed my kitchen floor for £20, but people are divided over whether the cheap tiles are worth it

SHE managed to redo her entire kitchen floor for just £20.

But when Em Watson took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to boast about her DIY job, people had mixed responses.


Em Watson’s kitchen floor as it looked before she redid it with tiles from PoundlandCredit: facebook/extremecouponingandbargainsuk
And how it looked after.  People had mixed responses as to whether the tiles were worth it in the comments section


And how it looked after. People had mixed responses as to whether the tiles were worth it in the comments sectionCredit: facebook/extremecouponingandbargainsuk

“Absolutely love my new kitchen flooring..” Em wrote.

“Poundland £5 for 10 squares in 1 pack – I got 4 packs and still got 3 and a half squares left

“So only cost £20 for a new floor.”

However, despite Em sharing two pictures of her kitchen before and the impressive after, some people were quick to admit the tiles hadn’t been successful for them.

“Never again would I buy these, replaced them twice in the bathroom thinking first lot were cheap so bought dearer ones still no good,” one wrote.

“The sticky residue it leaves behind is awful, they started to chip and lift off the floor, ended up pulling the lot out and getting vinyl down.

“Don’t waste your money.”

“Absolutely hate these tiles!” another added. “Were a good idea at the time, but hell to remove.”

“I bought these and they lifted after a day,” a third commented.

“But looks good, hope yours stay put i must have got a dodgy batch.”

But other argued that the tiles were a good buy, with one writing: “I used these in my last house kitchen floor lasted yrs then ive used the black poundland ones in my front porch.

“They were down 8yr before i took them up as changing color scheme.”

“Would definitely use them again – 3 people and 4 cats in and out daily, not to mention guests.

“They lasted extremely well no chipping or lifting no problems at all.”

And another added: “I did this for my hallway, was £1 for 4 squares, did my bottom hallway first by my front door then decided to do my little hallway upstairs, have loads spare in case I need to replace a few.”

“That’s awesome!!!” a third person wrote.

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