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  • Floor coverings determine the scene and are therefore a very important starting point for your hallway design

    Hallways are the busiest path in any home. Whether you have a small hallway or a large vestibule that doubles as a separate room, it’s worth taking the time to think about your flooring options. It makes sense to choose something that is durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and will stand the test of time, no matter how often you change the decor. So if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our pick of the best hall floor ideas.

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    1. Think about tiles

    Photo credit: Carolyn Barber

    Encaustic tiles in a graphic pattern look fresh and contemporary and give a landing, corridor or hallway an immediate effect. These handcrafted cement floor tiles are available in a variety of color combinations and create a trendy look with a handcrafted feel. They add the wow factor before visitors take off their coats.

    2. Mix and match materials

    Ideas for hall floors

    Photo credit: Mark Bolton

    Add texture and pattern to your inviting space with a color-coordinated patchwork rug over bare floorboards. When you replace a solid partition with windows, light falls into your landing or entrance hall and creates a light and airy feeling. Meanwhile, adding a striped stair runner creates a subtle, eclectic look.

    3. Work with vinyl

    Ideas for hall floors

    Photo credit: Carolyn Barber

    Choosing a lively stripe design ensures a bright reception and helps to direct your gaze to the other rooms in the house. The eye-catching woven vinyl shown here adds a practical element to a high-traffic space such as a hallway, landing or corridor, and is also an easy-care option.

    4. Make a sturdy look

    Ideas for hall floors

    Photo credit: Adrian Briscoe

    An aged flagstone floor works especially well when paired with rustic, tactile pieces and antique furniture. Add a colorful stair runner to personalize the space and give it a touch of individuality. Natural wicker baskets and wood tones combine to create a warm and inviting hallway.

    5. Play with the pattern

    Ideas for hall floors

    Photo credit: Chris Everard

    The geometric trend shows no signs of losing weight. So create your own design-oriented hallway with a great color and pattern hit. A patterned carpet that is used as a wall covering makes an unusual, effective statement. Choose furniture and accessories in shades for a cohesive look.

    6. Lay parquet for a timeless look

    Ideas for hall floors

    Photo credit: Paul Raeside

    This classic wood black floor gives an elegant elegance to traditional or modern environments. Oak is a classic choice for hardwood floors, but dark woods (like walnut) add depth, and bamboo is a more eco-friendly option that gives modern homes a lighter shade.

    Are you going to redesign your hall with these hall floor ideas?

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