Hvac techs working in extreme heats in attics

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA-KFTA) — Technicians are working overtime in this heat, as more air conditioners break down.

This weather makes their job even harder and more dangerous during these types of conditions.

As we face a very hot week here in Northwest Arkansas, temperatures here on the ground are nothing compared to those for the technicians working in your attic.

Devann Choppala, training and development coordinator for Paschal Air, Plumbing, and Electric says it could be 30 to 50 degrees warmer up there than the actual temperature outside.

Service on AC units recommended before summer arrives

Choppala understands that his staff is working in extreme heat, and wants them to know that their safety is his biggest priority.

“Take a break, cool down and turn on your air conditioner in your truck, drink water, drink Gatorade and do the things that you need to do in order to make sure that you’re being healthy and taking care of yourself,” said , Choppala.

As temperatures continue to rise, Paschal has seen an influx in calls from homeowners waiting for a technician to come look at their A/C units.

With temperatures the way they are, it may be a while before someone can get to you as calls increase.

To avoid A/C units breaking down, Choppala says you should schedule regular maintenance checkups for your A/C units.

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