HVAC technicians handle the busy season with bottlenecks. Here’s how you can help

TULSA, Oklahoma – The hot weather always means HVAC technicians will be busy, but this year the pandemic has added new challenges.

While juggling endless calls, some technicians also deal with equipment and staff shortages.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to get parts,” says Chris Williams, a service technician for Logic Heating & Cooling.

The COVID-19 pandemic started disrupting orders last year. Now certain devices and consumables are still hard to come by, such as refrigerants.

“There have been a lot of heat waves in the north, so there is a lot of refrigerant flowing there,” said Tipton Evans. “The pandemic has greatly slowed production.”

Evans runs its own heating and ventilation business. Because of the slowdown in production, he increased service costs for customers.

“If we’re billed three times for equipment and supplies, prices go up too,” says Evans.

The lack of tools isn’t the only shortcoming he has to contend with. Evans doesn’t have enough hands to keep up with calls either.

“It’s hard to find someone to go to work,” he said.

There are three positions Evans must fill.

To make the technician’s job easier, they recommend competent people to clean their own AC outdoor units. Washing inside out is important. The first step should be to turn off power to the device. Then remove the upper part where the fan is mounted and spray the inner walls with water.

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