HVAC professionals give advice for keeping home cool during heatwave | News

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — With another heat wave bearing down on the Pacific Northwest and temperatures expected to reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit this coming week, local experts have a few suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of air conditioning systems and beat the heat.

Desiree Kesper, an office manager at Marshalls Inc., a heating and air conditioning contractor in Springfield, suggests that people set their thermostats a little higher than usual during a heatwave. She says most thermostats were never meant to keep a home around 70 degrees and will get worn out trying to maintain that temperature. Kesper also said the sun itself can heat up a home quick, and suggested closing blinds to keep the heat out and setting up fans to create airflow.

Another thing to consider is insulation. While good insulation keeps heat in during the winter months, it also keeps heat out when the weather gets warm. Derek Bean, the head of the installation department at Marshalls, says while insulation doesn’t have an expiration date it does get damaged over time due to pests such as rats and mice. Several HVAC companies, including Marshalls, offer free inspections and estimates for home insulation.

In preparation for the heatwave, HVAC professionals have taken steps to ensure their own safety. Marshalls said their field workers and technicians have been given full neck wraps to keep the heat out, and provided with water and Gatorade to stay hydrated. Attic work is always scheduled for as early in the morning as possible to keep workers safe in the heat.

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