How to remove your cabinet doors

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Have you ever tried reaching deep inside your closets to clean them? Or do you need access to the faucets under the sink? It can be daunting right? The closet doors always seem to be in the way.

But don’t sweat. Removing your cabinet doors really is as easy as one-two-three after letting Doug Cornwell, Chief Operations Officer of Alure Home Improvements share his knowledge in this helpful edition of The Alure 60-Second Fix: Removing Your Cabinet Doors . ”

And once the cabinet doors are removed, what you need can be done a lot easier without them getting in the way. You will be surprised how easy it is to remove them. Here Doug shows us the pros and cons of cabinet doors in a simple demonstration that teaches you how to loosen the back of each door hinge so you can take the cabinet doors off without making a large production out of them.

And just as importantly, it shows us how we can put these cabinet doors back on.

“Do you ever have this age old problem?” says Doug with a grin. “I know I had it. You’re trying to open the doors and get into your closets to work, but the doors really limit your space. You try to move in there and bang your elbows on the doors, afraid that you will snap the doors off the closet. “

But, you know what? He says that’s what you have to do. You reach into the closet. There are clips on the back of each hinge. Picking them up one at a time, starting with the top one, pull the clip forward with your fingers until the clip releases. Do the same with the other cabinet door.

Here we go.

“Now you have full access to the closet to do whatever you need to do!” says Doug.

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And when you’re done with your job – whether it’s plumbing or cleaning – it’s just as easy to put the cabinet doors back on.

Hold the cabinet door in one hand while aligning the clips over the hinge bracket with the other. Start with the top hinge first. Align the clip and push it back in until you hear it snap shut. Repeat the process with the lower hinge. Then put the other cabinet door back in the same way.

“And we can get started!” says Doug with a satisfied smile.

Do not you agree? Removing your kitchen cabinet doors is a breeze!

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