How to measure the window change Edmonton

Edmonton Window Replacement Trade Shows; What you need to know

Many homeowners are considering replacing windows in Edmonton to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Also, replacement Edmonton windows add value to a home and make it feel more comfortable and appealing. It’s easy for home improvement to save anywhere from $ 150 to $ 600 on each window.

Measuring windows, while not that difficult, requires precision. The measurements you provide will determine the success rate of your Edmonton window replacement project. Here are some key things you should know about how to take measurements for NorthTech Windows and Doors Edmonton window.

  1. Are your window frames good?

Only take measurements on your Edmonton window replacement project if you are certain you are comfortable with installing the windows. These Edmonton windows are easy to install. Another thing to consider is the condition of the old frame.

If you find it is badly damaged by water or rot, you will need to replace it as well. Follow these steps to take your measurements:

  1. Record measurements

Don’t deceive yourself. You can remember all of the dimensions for your windows, especially if you are working on several. Use a notebook and pen or a computer file if you prefer a soft copy.

Make a note of each measurement and label the name of the window. For example the basement window. This exercise will help you save time.

  1. Look for Square

The shape of a window affects how it works. That is why most of the traditional windows have been made square. To check if your window is square, measure it diagonally from corner to corner. Measure the other diagonal and record your measurements.

If you notice a difference within ¼ of an inch from the other, your window is square. If your difference is greater, consider using a new construction window.

  1. Measure the width

The width of a window is measured in three different parts. Above, below and in the middle. Always make sure your tape measure is touching the window jamb for accuracy.

  1. Measure height

The height is measured similarly to the width. You take three different measurements: in the middle and at the two rear ends, left and right.

Measure from the head post to the lower sill. Make sure your window is open to access the threshold. Don’t forget to highlight the shortest measurement.

  1. Measure the depth

When you are dealing with a traditional house, the depth of a window is not an issue. However, if you are working with modular and mobile homes, the depth of a window is crucial.

A window depth measurement is performed when the window is open. The rocker panel is measured from the front and rear. The minimum size should be 31/4 ”.

  1. Round the numbers

After measuring your windows, take the shortest measurements and round them down to 1/8. Since all measurements are in inches, you will round them off in this device. It means that if you have 32, 15/16 “, it will be 32, 7/8” after rounding down.

However, if you had a 1/8 increase in your measurement, there is no need to round your number down. The measurement you will get after the calculation is useful for ordering your windows.

  1. Buy custom replacement windows.

There are no limits to where to buy your replacement windows for your Edmonton window replacement project. You can buy them directly from a manufacturer or supplier. You can often find ready-made replacement Edmonton windows that will match your window space almost perfectly.

However, if your window is not a standard size, the pre-made windows may not work well for you. In that case, talk to your suppliers about your window and let them create a custom window for you.

Based on your measurements, the manufacturer subtracts ¼ of an inch from the height and width. They then create a personalized window for you with an allowance of 1/8 of an inch.

When taking your window measurements, be sure to measure the specific parts for maximum accuracy. If you are unsure, ask a professional to measure on your behalf.

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