How to make better use of your smart garage door controller

Why it is helpful: Pressing a visor button while driving is hardly a chore, but everyone forgets occasionally. Instead, set your Smart Controller to automatically close the door when you leave, so you never have to worry again. Some models can even open the door as soon as you arrive home.

How it goes: Our top of the line garage door controller, the Tailwind iQ3, is a model that can handle this automation without the need for third party service. To set it up, just tap Add Vehicle in the app. From then on, the controller will recognize your car (based on your car’s Bluetooth ID or an optional presence sensor) and open or close the door when you arrive or leave (you can decide).

If you have a HomeKit-enabled controller, you can accomplish the same thing, only you need to answer a prompt on your iPhone or Apple Watch before the door is triggered. IFTTT, a web-based service that connects smart devices, also has a geolocation function (which detects your arrival and departure based on the location of your smartphone). We’ve found that it can be a bit spotty so we don’t recommend it for a task like this that involves security.

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