How To Know If A Plumber Is Taking Advantage Of You

Nowadays, nearly every reputable business has an online presence, whether a Google Business Profile or an active Yelp account with numerous reviews. Of course, most companies also have a professional-looking website where prospective clients can learn about their services and contact them for a timely quote. If the plumber you’re about to hire lacks any online presence for their business, you are justified in feeling skeptical about their abilities and legitimacy.

According to Plumbing Solutions, some of these “fake plumbers” even go door-to-door to search for easy prey. They may offer free pipe inspections or other phony services, which is why it’s so important to ask to see credentials. Remember, though, that even a fake plumber (if they’re smart enough) can direct you to a real, highly-rated plumber’s website. For this reason, it’s also wise to ask to see the person’s business license or plumbing certification since most real plumbers should have no issue providing proof of legitimacy, per C&W Plumbing.

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