How to create a luxurious hotel spa experience at home

Turn your home into a luxurious hotel room (Photo: Amanda Friedman / Trunk Archive)

From Coco Marett

From Coco Marett

February 11, 2021

It’s been a year since we got on a plane and traveled to the destinations we love. If you want to indulge yourself in the spa style of a hotel, these wellness products can hit some of the world’s most sought-after resorts halfway through

Photo: Neil Watson

Photo: Neil Watson

Aman’s real estate constellation is inspired by its unique locations. Think Amangiri in Utah’s otherworldly desert aesthetic, Aman Kyoto’s modern approach to Zen, or Amandari’s ethereal earthiness that blends seamlessly with the lush Balinese jungle of Ubud.

Likewise, Aman’s beauty and wellness products rely on nature and ancient wisdom to calm you, heal you and take you elsewhere.

Aman offers home self-care in three parts: Aman Skincare, a full range of oils, serums, facial mists and masks; a trio of candles, each inspired by an Aman travel destination; and SVA, a collection of nutritional supplements that combine traditional, holistic healing with contemporary science.

We especially love the Purifying Quartz Scrub, which combines quartz and kombu. and the Nourishing Jade Mask, a protein- and collagen-rich treatment that reduces fine lines and restores skin tone.

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Smell is the sense most closely associated with memory, and Ritz-Carlton’s collection of home fragrances may be your ticket to reliving moments in your favorite hotel – a romantic anniversary at the Ritz-Carlton, Central Park, or a mild one Night at the Ritz Maybe Carlton Rancho Mirage.

With candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers, each fragrance is unique to a Ritz-Carlton travel destination. 50 Central Park, for example, smells of elderflower, black tea and ripe strawberries. Black Orchid’s blend of flowers and spices was specially developed for properties in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Ocean Mirage, with notes of bergamot, citrus and oak moss, is inspired by the Ritz-Carlton in Bal Harbor Miami.

To further enhance your memories and hotel-quality pampering, you can also purchase the plush robes and linens used at all Ritz-Carlton hotels.

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