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Popular bathroom floor looks include bold tile patterns that set the tone for the entire space.


Features by Nancy Mattia CTW

Bathroom floors do a big job – keeping you safe and looking your best at the same time. Fortunately, there are many worthy contenders.

They’re waterproof (won’t slip on wet ground), extremely durable (lots of traffic in and out), and stylish (lots of colors and patterns). How to find the flooring that suits your bathroom.

Find out your budget

This will help you be realistic in your search. But with so many choices on the market, it’s easy to find something you can both love and afford.

Collect ideas

Before you hit the stores, browse design magazines, check out decorating shows (hey, it’s research!), Check out Pinterest, and visit retailers’ websites for inspiration for your own project. When you’re ready to speak to a salesperson, they can describe what types of flooring you like and what not, so you can see samples that match all of your criteria.

Know what is available

There’s a reason porcelain and ceramic tile are so popular. Both are waterproof and come in many colors, patterns, and sizes. “Porcelain is very popular now because you can get samples with a more realistic stone look,” said Angie Gardeck, owner of New Perspective Design in Cary, Illinois. Vinyl floors are waterproof and durable and come in tile, slab, and plank. With waterproof laminate, you will look like wood in the bathroom without the moisture concerns of standard laminate (which is not recommended in a bathroom). Natural stone floors radiate elegance; Choose one that is textured like slate to avoid slipping accidents. Or, says Gardeck, “always consider a sanded or matte finish for floor tiles to reduce slippage on wet surfaces.”

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