How to build a house addition

“An extension on the ground floor costs a little more than a second floor due to the excavation work,” said Steve Besch, architect and founder of Besch Design, Ltd. in Chicago, the site. “And an attic renovation is less than both.”

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Hire a reputable contractor

Before putting a finger on any tool, you need to contact a trusted contractor to oversee the job. In doing so, New Hartford, New York-based real estate agent Jean Hunt says you should avoid the mistake that typically occurs in the process.

“Not getting competitive quotes from contractors is one of the most common mistakes people make when expanding their home,” she told Bob Vila. “Going with the first contractor and the first offer could be your biggest mistake. You will get a second opinion when you have surgery. Why don’t you do this for your house too? “

Know why you want more space

Don’t just add more house. You should have a good reason why you want to expand your home’s blueprint. According to RocketMortgage, kitchens, mudrooms, winter gardens, and home offices are popular room add-ons. Smaller additions, such as B. a bump-out can allow you to add a small room without paying for new foundation work.

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