How to attach hinges to sagging kitchen cabinet doors

A common problem with kitchen doors is that the top hinge rips out of the cabinet and usually takes a fair amount of the cabinet with it. The result is a door that won’t close and will hang. The good news? Repairing the damage and re-hanging the door is easier than you think!

Gather your supplies

Screwdriver; 2-part moor filler; Spatula; Sandpaper; Pair of replacement hinges; Drill bits and various drills; White color

Here is how

Step 1 Remove the door from the cabinet and also remove the remaining hinge block.

step 2 Mix up a small amount of two-part bog filler and mend the damage. Make the filler a little proud of the closet. Let it harden.

Phil Aynsley

step 3 Sand the filler back flush with the front of the cabinet, being careful not to sand the melamine through. Dress up the patch by painting it white to blend in with the closet.

Step 4 It is generally easier to use new hinges than to reinstall old ones. Kitchen hinges are pretty standard, so new hinges should fit into the holes in the door. Use the template that came with the hinges to mark the locations of new hinge blocks on the cabinet and drill the necessary holes.

Drilling hinge holes in the kitchen cabinet

Step 5 Screw the hinge blocks to the cabinet and attach the hinges to the blocks. Adjust the door using the adjustment screws on the hinge.

Fixing the door hinge to the kitchen cabinet

Adjusting the hinges of the kitchen cabinet

Are the doors of your kitchen cabinets a little mismatched so that the gaps between them are uneven? The only tool you will need to solve this problem is a screwdriver. On the part of the hinge that sits on the cabinet there are adjustment screws that move the door up and down, in and out and back and forth. Slightly turn the screws to move the doors until the gaps between them are even and lined up again.

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