How Snow Can Damage Your HVAC System

While the average HVAC system is fairly adept at dealing with rainfall, snow and ice can present a problem since they take longer to evaporate and will linger on your HVAC unit if not manually cleared (per Perfect Degree HVAC). This can cause your system’s airflow to be severely compromised, which puts a great strain on the system at a time when you’re already relying on it heavily. Snow and ice can even lead to a significant drop in performance or costly repair bills, which is why you should clear precipitation from your HVAC system whenever you notice an accumulation.

However, before you bust out the icepick to clear ice from your HVAC system, you’ll want to remember that you’re dealing with an expensive and relatively delicate piece of machinery. According to Air Xperts, using a broom or a brush is much safer for your system when it comes to removing snow. If, however, you have to deal with accumulated ice, you should consider using hot water to soften it up instead of picking away at it with a sharp tool.

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