How Power Home Remodeling Uses Technology to Rejuvenate Its Industry

You probably don’t need a report to convince yourself that remodeling your home is stressful. All you have to do is turn it on HGTV and watch couples and contractors argue over … everything.

Instead of just smoothing out the kinks of an industry plagued by complaints of bad work and unfulfilled schedules, Power home remodeling did what it does best: a complete renovation with a more sustainable model.

Under partner and chief operating officer Tim Wenhold Leadership, Power customized a proprietary intelligence platform called NITRO This enables him to operate, track and optimize his entire customer experience in-house. The platform has turned Power’s Business Technology division into a professional playground for inventive technologists using augmented reality, machine learning, speech recognition and processing, geospatial data, and more to continually redefine the functionality of NITRO as well as develop and create new features Build applications from scratch.

However, if you’re taking one out of this article, let it be: Power is not a home remodeling company, but rather a technology company that sells outdoor remodeling services. So if futuristic innovation is your thing, head over to Power Home Remodeling’s new corporate page to learn more about workplace culture and career opportunities.

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