How high can a garden fence be and can it be taller than my neighbours?

THERE are laws in place concerning the height of a garden fence and you may need a planning permit if you want to put up a particularly high fence.

Things aren’t quite so clear-cut as you may think.


You don’t need planning permission for fences under 2mCredit: Alamy

How high can a garden fence be?

Despite what many people think a garden fence can be as high as 100m but you need to get planning permission for any fence taller than 2m.

Any fence under 2m does not need planning permission.

However, there are some complications to this.

If you are thinking about front garden fences, restrictions state that fences alongside a driveway can be a maximum of 1m or 3ft.

You would need to get planning permission for putting a trellis on a fence of 2m.

But, if any plant that you grow on that trellis exceeds 2m, you do not need to obtain a permit for the growing plant.

Can my garden fence be taller than my neighbours?

The height of the fence is measured from your ground level, this can have an impact when, due to slopes in the ground, your garden may be at a higher level than your neighbors’.

Just out of courtesy, it is always best to let your neighbor know what you are planning.

Before putting up any fence though it is best to check which fence belongs to you.

When you live in a house that has a garden fence on each side of it, there arises a problem regarding who owns which fence and who is responsible for that fence’s repairs.

Many people believe that if you stand and the house is behind you the fence to your right is the one you are responsible for, and that fence is the one you own. This is not true. If the post to any fence is on your property then the fence itself is yours.

You also need to consider if a fence borders onto a public footpath as there are laws in place banning certain types of fences, such as a barbed wire fence, as these pose a possible threat to people walking past.

It's always best to let your neighbors know if you intend to put up a new fence


It’s always best to let your neighbors know if you intend to put up a new fenceCredit: Alamy

How high should I build my fence?

This all depends on what you are putting up the fence for.

If you want privacy and security a 2m solid fence is recommended.

For a softer boundary you may want to consider a lower fence with a trellis topper.

If you want a fence for your front garden you may want to go for a lower fence still, at around 3ft, to give a more open, welcoming feel.

You may want to go for an open slatted fence if privacy is not much of a concern.

When considering the height of your fence it is worth keeping in mind how vulnerable it might be when there are strong winds blowing and the damage this might cause.

The taller the fence and the more exposed it is to the elements, the more likely it will be to get damaged which will prove costly if you have to repair it every time there is a storm.

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