How do you fix a hole in the vinyl siding? | House and home

Vinyl siding can be cracked in many ways but should be repaired quickly.

From John Nalley

A stone spits off your lawnmower and hurtles to the side of your house. Someone crashes a baseball during a catch game and hits your home.

No matter how it happened, you now have a nasty crack in your vinyl siding that needs to be fixed. What now?

The good news is that you have a quick and easy option for vinyl siding repairs if such breakdowns occur. You can probably at least repair the damage and protect your home until a siding professional comes out to replace the siding.


According to Amy Grishman of Coastal Windows & Exteriors in Beverly, Massachusetts, the siding is an initial layer of protection against the elements. So if you leave a hole or crack open, the shell of your home will be exposed to water, wind and pests. Water trapped under the siding can also lead to mold or rot over time.

Also, if not activated, a crack or hole in the siding could expand, turning what started as a small problem into a bigger problem later.

What’s the best way to patch cracked vinyl siding?

Grishman recommends using a “Type B” tear-aid vinyl repair patch kit, available at hardware and sports stores for about $ 10.

This ultra-adhesive clear tape, specially designed for vinyl products, quickly bonds to the siding, creating a strong weatherproof seal and giving you time to schedule a permanent siding change by a professional.

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