How Arkansans can avoid roofing repair scams

Severe storms have impacted many Arkansans, with hail damage to the roofing of numerous homes being something that many around the state are still dealing with.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — As more Arkansans are searching for contractors, Ted Upshaw with Accountable Roofing urges those in need to make sure they’re hiring a legitimate contractor.

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” Upshaw said.

Dozens of Arkansans experienced hail damage this spring following severe storms.

Contractors like Upshaw are on roofs repairing the damage, but there’s one problem.

“We’re seeing some pretty poor work and we’re seeing a lot of the ‘hey, we’ll be happy to come pay your deductible for you’ signs,” Upshaw said.

While on a roof one day, Upshaw said one of the workers spotted a license plate as a make shift patch.

According to Upshaw, that’s work likely done by swindlers.

“These guys who show up [have] a pickup truck, a nail gun, and a ladder and they’re gonna go wherever the storm was [to] make as much money as they can [and] two weeks later, they’re in the next state wherever the last hailstorm was,” Upshaw said.

These scammers, Upshaw adds, will go door to door just like a legitimate contractor does to advertise their business.

He said if one shows up to your door step, make sure they are who they say they are.

“Visit their website, look and see if the company has a web presence and if so, what kind of reviews do they have and make sure they’re a local company,” Upshaw said.

As an extra step, you should request the contractor’s license and call the state contractor licensing board.

Dedicating a few extra minutes to verify their identity could save you a headache.

“I mean, a roof these days– that’s a $10,000 to $20,000 commitment. You need someone out there who’s licensed, bonded, [and] insured,” Upshaw said.

He also suggests waiting for your insurance company to give you an estimate and not your contractor.

“Everybody wants an estimate, but the truth is the insurance company defines the scope of the work and what they’re going to pay for that work,” Upshaw said.

He also said some insurance companies can recommend a contractor for you.

If you don’t trust those who come to your door, the internet is always your best bet.

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