Houseworkin ‘It: Dodge City home buying and maintenance courses

Listen up, Dodge City! According to the Dodge City Community Housing Association (CHAD), The need for affordable single-family homes remains in the greater Ford County area. CHAD is a front-line advocacy organization for potential home buyers as well as homeowners, running a series of free, public-access home maintenance courses. I had the pleasure of speaking to Mollea Wainscott about this initiative. The first course is the “Homebuyer Education Class, “And that’s it Thursday July 23rd of 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CT, and it is offered in English and Spanish. Local experts will share their knowledge of the home buying process and train people looking to buy a home. Local mortgage lenders, real estate agents, home insurance agents, title company employees, and home inspectors provide information on their trades.

Next, CHAD will host the sixth round of their “How to Series: Home Maintenance Edition”Classes that focus on providing the basic skills needed to take care of your home (and know when to call in a professional). The first class is called “Basic tool, ”And it continues Tuesday 18th August at 6 p.m. Future classes will include everyday electricity, energy efficiency and drywall work.

All courses are free to the public and are offered in the evenings in the newly designed University / Education Center at Hennessey Hall is located 240 San Jose Drive in Dodge City, KS. Registration and further information can be found here Here.

Contact for more information Mollea Wainscott with Dodge City / Ford County Development at 620-371-3869 or by email.

To hear our full interview, click the link below.

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