Homeowners in Eaton Rapids can get cash for home repairs

Well, as we all know, the economy has received a lot of help since the pandemic started. The stimulus money has helped a lot of people, and it has been a great help to many of my friends and family. It seems that things have gotten a lot better since the pandemic started.

If you still need help during the pandemic, it’s worth checking out the many offers on offer today.

Here’s something else that is being offered, according to fox47news.com. The City of Eaton Rapids is providing homeowners with financial support for renovations. They work with the Curb Side Residential Grant Program.

They look forward to helping the residents of Eaton Rapids and their local government. said Lindsey Zeller, director of quality of life in the city. “It is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make Eaton Rapids a visually vibrant community. The grants support projects that address all types of safety risks, such as a porch, steps, or roof that is being repaired got to.

This is how it will work: The grant consists of three funding levels based on different projects. One level is worth $ 750 and the next is worth $ 1,000. There are also top levels for things like security risks and homes that require a lot of work. . They also offer a match of up to 50 percent so as not to exceed $ 2,500. If you believe you have a $ 5,000 project and receive this grant, you will be reimbursed up to $ 2,500 for the remodeling.

You have until June 1st to apply for the scholarship. You must also live within the city limits, own the house, and it must be your primary residence.

Click here to get more information. If you are interested, residents can collect the application from the town hall during normal business hours.

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