Home remedies for bed bugs – simple and easy methods of treatment

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Home remedies for bed bugs

Is just the idea of ​​bed bugs enough to make your hair stand on end? Despite the fact that they are shockingly normal, a great many people don’t even think about the basic bed bug home remedies that can help get them out quickly.

In case you’re unlucky enough to have been struck by an episode of the old bed bugs, we’re here to help. We share everything we think about bed bugs to help you get the little critters out for the last time!

What are bed bugs and how are they similar?

First of all: a touch of bed bug science. Bed bugs are small – about 5mm – so obvious to the natural eye, but hardly ever. They are oval shaped, flat and corroded, earthy and shaded. Unlike various bugs, they cannot hop or fly.

Towards evening they crawl out of their dark hole to feed on the blood that causes those scandalous bed bug bites. Despite the fact that they don’t spread disease, they can be uncomfortable and some people will react to bites.

Women can lay up to 250 eggs during their lifetime, anywhere from two to four months. Eggs are laid in breaks and holes and are oval and white in shade.

What are the causes of bed bugs?

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Before we show you how to dispose of bed bugs, the first thing you need to understand is what causes these irritating animals.

Contrary to mainstream thinking, bed bugs have nothing to do with dirt – so an extra shower a day won’t keep them in check!

So, if it’s not dirt, what causes bed bugs? Indeed, since bed bugs feed on blood, any place with creatures or humans is a perfect place to set up camp. Bed bugs roam anywhere after being fed and can hide in anything from bedsheets to your shirt. So if you rest in a swarming place, your home is likely to take the brunt of the burden.

What are the signs of bed bugs?

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Do you think you might have bed bugs? Aside from actually crawling over your sheets, there are a few different signs of bed bugs to watch out for, including:

Bites on the skin

Small, dark spots on your sheets (insect droppings)

Bed bug shells (they shed their skin like snakes)

A smelly smell in your bedroom

Blood stains (can occur if you accidentally cause a mistake in your rest period)

In the event you discover any of the above, you may have a penetration and should check out the bed bug home remedies listed below.

Best home remedies for bed bugs

Take out the mess and clean up

Despite their name, bed bugs don’t live exclusively in your sheets – they can be tucked under the bed in cardboard boxes or on items of clothing in your linen bushel.

Before attempting to treat bed bugs, you need to get rid of as much debris as possible. Replace plastic boxes with cardboard boxes, put all of your clothes in sealed trash bags, and use fine decorations of any kind as well.

Make sure you clean things that might be raving about

Anything that could have bed bugs needs to be cleaned thoroughly. This means clothes and linens are heat treated in a tumble dryer or in any case put in the cooler 5 days before normal washing, both of which will kill bed bugs.

All furniture in your bedroom should also be checked for bed bugs and cleaned as a thoroughfare. Shadows should be expertly cast and cleaned, and the entire space should be completely vacuumed.

It is important to keep all cleaned items in sealed plastic bags. The vacuum bag should also be evacuated after use, placed in sealed plastic packaging and disposed of.

Make your bed an island of hygiene

Bed bugs are said to be given the fact that they bite towards evening. Despite the fact that they do not always live in the mattress, they often do. As you move your bed away from the partition, furniture, and everything else, the penetration in a different location becomes more fancy.

Vacuum the zone

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The final step before starting treatment is to completely vacuum the affected area.

Vacuum your bed completely, focusing on the mattress and headboard and supports.

If so, then you are ready to treat your bed bugs with one of our home remedies.

List of home remedies for bed bugs

Expert bed bug penetration treatment is the most reliable way to ensure the complete elimination of your bed bugs. If you don’t get the chance to try a DIY treatment before you spend your money, try these home remedies.

1. Starve the bed bugs

If you don’t care if you take the gradual course, another option is to starve your bed bugs.

First and foremost, it is important that you vacuum your bed completely. Next, you’ll need to get some Ziploc bags for your mattress and leave them on for about seven days – this will keep bugs from coming out and feeding, causing them to starve.

2. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is consistently considered the best of all the signature bed bug treatments, killing over 90% of bed bugs.

It’s also humble and easy to use – its powdery structure implies that it has a tendency to be sprinkled into even the smallest of cracks and crevices. The disadvantage? The work takes up to 10 days.

To use, apply 100% diatomaceous earth to the affected area and leave it on for a few days. You should gradually start seeing dead bed bugs that you can vacuum up. Repeat the process a few times until all of the bed bugs appear to be gone.

3. Bicarbonate of soda

Here’s another motivation why making a pot of soda at home is always handy – it can kill bed bugs.

It is believed that sprinkling soda bicarbonate on areas affected by bed bugs really dries out the skin. While others recommend that there be enough mesh to cut them off.

It’s humble, it works, so what’s the downside? Treating bed bugs with heating soda comes in handy – you’ll have to reheat the path to constant spraying and vacuuming to send them into exile. So this means you will need a ton of powder, which makes this home remedy increasingly expensive than it might initially seem.

4. Tea tree base oils

Tea tree oil is used in many home remedies, especially those related to pests.

In terms of bed bugs, tea tree oil tries to kill them, but in addition it disguises the human odors that they would typically be attracted to. The best part is that tea tree oil is far from hard to come by and is a reasonable answer for an invasion.

Weaken 20 drops of the normal, unadulterated tea tree oil with 200 ml of water and spray it on the affected areas. It is one of the most effective home remedies for bed bugs.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is as firm as it smells when it comes to getting bed bugs out of the way. It is also something that the majority of us have in our homes, making it the perfect crisis home remedy to use.

Either way, it’s important to remember that while vinegar kills bed bugs by damaging their sensory systems, it does nothing for eggs.

Soak the edges of the contaminated region (e.g., under and around furniture) with white, refined vinegar and then legitimately place them on bed bugs. In this sense, when they escape, they have no way of escaping the vinegar.

6. Friction fleet

Another popular home remedy for bed bugs is rubbing alcohol.

7. Try borax

Borax is another quick and easy approach to treating bed bugs. To suffocate the insects, sprinkle borax generously on the mattress, then spray water on it.

Borax is also helpful with things related to washing – add a few to your washing machine to make sure these bugs are considered acceptable.

The most effective way to get rid of bed bugs with a pesticide

Using pesticides is the fastest DIY technique for treating bed bugs. Before you start spraying, you need to set up the area.

Next, you’ll need to get hold of a pesticide to kill bed bugs that are hiding in and around your mattress.

Spray the pesticide all over the mattress, including around the corners and in the seams. Next, spray the bed, including the headboard, supports, and into all of the drawers, making sure it goes straight into the corners. Unless you have a particularly terrible penetration, you may see some bed bugs emerge from their hidden spots trying to escape the venom.

After an hour or so, vacuum the entire bed again to remove any dead insects. Keep an eye on the following days and do additional treatments as important.

Best prevention home remedies for bed bugs

Similar to most things, preventing bed bugs is a lot easier than treating them. There are a few things you can do to stop bed bugs plaguing your home, including:

1. Vacuum evenly

Vacuuming is perhaps the least demanding approach to evacuating migrant bugs. While tackling an entire invasion won’t be enough, routine vacuuming will help keep the territory flawless. This can also help you with other pest problems like chigger bites.

2. Check recycled furniture

Whenever you bring recycled furniture into your home, you should always consider what’s in it. Constantly check for any signs of bed bugs before buying.

If there are signs of bed bugs, you perceive that simply disposing of them is a task in itself.

3. Play it safe when washing

Bugs travel in furniture and on clothing. In the event that you share laundry offices, you should always play it safe to avoid other people’s mistakes.

Transport clothes in sealed plastic bags to and from laundromats continuously, forgetting about them in as little time as could reasonably be expected.

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