Home project staples such as paint and furniture affected by supply chain delays | Companies

When it comes to home projects, an area expert says the wait for new supplies could be a while.

With supply chain-related delays and slowdowns affecting a wide variety of industries, some types of products are not immune to home updates.

Lissa Rolenc, owner and creative director at 4 Design, LLC, said those looking to start home renovation projects face delays on certain items.

“Right now there is a shortage of raw materials for paint,” said Rolenc. “When someone starts a new project, you won’t be able to paint until February or March.”

4 Design LLC is based in the greater Milwaukee area and has completed projects across the United States. It describes itself on its website as a “full-service, commercial interior design office that specializes in senior living and apartment buildings”.

Slowed product distribution and rising prices for petrochemical companies are the result of a variety of factors, from the pandemic to a winter frost in Texas, a lightning strike in Louisiana, and hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, according to an Associated Press report released in late September.

Bottlenecks are particularly noticeable with large contractors who need colors of the same color for residential complexes and large projects, the report says.

Another area that is experiencing a slowdown is the furniture industry, according to Rolenc.

“The other delay I see is furniture. We expect a lead time of almost six months, ”she said.

One of Rolenc’s customers recently sold his house and furniture before moving and has been unable to source new items since then.

“This couple moved into a new house and they have run out of furniture,” she said.

Rolenc also noted that there have been a number of carpet company mergers that could affect the availability of carpets.

Furniture delays are a global problem, according to a recent report from Bloomberg News.

According to the report, long waits for furniture occur across the country, the UK and a host of other countries.

“Companies say unique headwinds have caused delays: a combination of Covid-related issues, increased demand for housing, extreme weather conditions and an unexpected lack of foam,” the report said.

Those looking for new build apartments in the coming months need to be prepared, according to Rolenc. You might see what furniture family members have tucked away in their basements that can be used for the present, she added.

“Just plan ahead. Don’t think that when you build a new house, buy all new furniture and have it tomorrow, ”said Rolenc.

There are also slowdowns in shipping, according to Rolenc, who said some items will be shipped and then held up at an intermediate location.

“Something is going to leave Ohio and then go to Tennessee and then stay in a terminal for two to three weeks,” she said.

However, there are some home project products that are not experiencing supply chain slowdowns.

“I had no problems with kitchen cabinets or vanity units. Many of these companies are local. And countertops weren’t a problem, ”said Rolenc, who added that some flooring products are still widely available.

“A lot of vinyl planks and tiles are made here in the US,” she said.

Rolenc advised homeowners to consider how special they are with projects before starting.

“Keep your options open,” she said, noting that those who know exactly what to use may want to postpone projects until the supply chain difficulties resolve.

According to the AP report, analysts expect the petrochemical crisis to last into 2022. Rolenc hears that costs could go down from the beginning of the year.

“And I’ve heard that the supply chain should be back to normal by the end of February,” she said.

Most of the time, Rolenc recommends using patience.

“Just be patient. Everyone is trying to do their best. The people in the craft are overworked and overbooked,” she said.

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