Historic Home on Main Street in Sand Springs Lovingly Remodeled | news

“I see our Main Street and the surrounding area are really increasing in value,” she said. “I see our little town really growing. Other apartments are also being bought in the area. They really get the love and attention they need. “

Mansfield said there are many key elements in their new old home that make it a worthwhile investment to remodel.

“It has the original hardwood floors that I love,” she said. “One of the bathrooms has the original bathtub which is amazing and there is also the original fireplace.

“It’s all about getting an old home to work during this time, which still requires a lot of renovation.”

The remodeling project is being led by Megan Forehand, another Chinowth & Cohen real estate agent.

However, despite Forehand’s lead, the remodeling project had some bumps along the way at the beginning, Mansfield said.

“It was a slow process,” she said. “At the beginning we had problems with our electrician who was injured in another house. We hired another electrician but he got a contract (COVID-19) and got really sick.

“We now have another electrician, and my husband tells me we now have light in our living room,” she said. “It’s hard for me to get in there because it’s gutted – I’ve seen it so mixed up; i am ready to see the finished product. But we are on the right track to finish it now. “

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