Hi-Tech Pest Control remains the premier bed bug killer and pest control company in southeast Michigan

When it comes to pest control and bed bugs, it is best to contact professionals right away. In many cases, if ignored, these bed bugs can spread quickly and even lead to potential health problems. Comprehensive eradication not only requires exceptional knowledge, but also access to the latest equipment that can provide correct results. Hi-Tech Pest Control is a southeast Michigan-based pest controller that has managed to remain the area leader in residential and commercial bed bug removal since 1986.

Hi-Tech Pest Control believes in thoroughness and is dedicated to every task in order to achieve the best possible results for their customers. Your confidence in their services is shown by the fact that they offer a 6 month guarantee on all bed bug control services. Hi-Tech Pest Control believes not only in optimal quality, but also in comfort. The company has streamlined the whole process to ensure they get the most out of their customers’ time.

With their exceptional team, Hi-Tech Pest Control is able to uncover the root of the bed bug or pest infestation. You start with a thorough inspection of the affected areas of the home, business, or facility. They then start treating the affected areas and making sure they remove eggs as well as hidden bugs. All of their treatments use the best technologies and solutions and are covered by a six month guarantee.

Hi-Tech Pest Control’s consistent services have managed to remain a boon to the citizens of southeast Michigan who have relied on them for more than 3 decades. Much of this can be attributed to their dedication to improving their services, as well as their unparalleled knowledge and experience in dealing with bed bugs. The company hopes to continue improving its treatments and solutions to maintain the high standard.

About hi-tech pest control

Hi-Tech Pest Control is a seasoned bed bug and pest control chamber operating in southeast Michigan and the surrounding areas. They have pest control and IPM programs available. Hi-Tech Pest Control has been the leading bed bug disposal company in Southeast Michigan since 1986, successfully fighting pests in tens of thousands of households using a combination of experience, knowledge and the latest and greatest bed bug control technologies and approaches. The company is licensed by the state of Michigan.

Further information: https://hi-techpestcontrol.com

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