HGTV’s David Bromstad Makes A Solid Case For Pink Kitchen Cabinets

While hosting “My Lottery Dream Home,” host David Bromstad has the fortunate job of helping those who have just struck it big find their fantasy forever homes. Although he does a great job of aiding the lottery winners in choosing sensitive homes within their budget, that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring, and there’s no easier way to make a room pop than with a vibrant paint color. In an interview with Apartment Therapy, Bromstad says, “Personally, I love to add color to my kitchen by painting the cabinets.” But we’re not talking about beige or some subtle shade of blue. Instead, he suggests that pink can be a bold and beautiful choice for your cabinetry.

By balancing a blush pink color with some neutral backsplash, you’re able to bring out your personality in your kitchen, which according to Bromstad, is “not gonna cost you an arm and a leg, and it’s definitely going to make a huge impact .” If you feel like hot pink isn’t your cup of tea, you can choose a more mellow pinkish hue without it going over the top. Pink can be the perfect color when going for a retro kitschy kitchen vibe and would play well with subway tile backsplash or floors. Even if you are leaning into an industrial contemporary style that focuses on gray or black, introducing a soft pink tone can bring warmth and balance, as per Real Homes.

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