Hexham plumbing business launches recruitment campaign as demand for green energy “grows”.

A plumbing company in the northeast has announced that it will start a new recruitment campaign due to the “increasing demand”.

JP Westall, headquartered in Hexham, is aiming to increase its workforce in the coming months after increasing demand for environmentally friendly heating in homes.

The company installs around three air and geothermal heat pumps a week and aims to keep them in the double-digit range this year.

The increased demand is said to be related to outreach about global warming, with half of all inquiries to the company being driven by low-carbon options.

Steven Wigham, General Manager of JP Westall, commented: “Many customers want to reduce their carbon footprint.

“David Attenborough programs, the focus on global warming and the need for the government to meet its own carbon reduction targets, are supported by programs such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and the [now discontinued] Green Home Energy grants encourage people to address their current fossil fuel needs.

“They are looking for alternative energy products that are less harmful to the environment.”

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