Hardy Plumbing & Heating offers sage feather advice

There are some things that are best left up to the professionals

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Hardy Plumbing & Heating is one of the largest plumbing companies in the East End, offering quality workmanship year round – from plumbing and heating to construction and mechanical work. Long Island’s installation department offers recommendations, quotes, canal rooting services, repairs, alterations, and of course, installations. We spoke to Hardy Plumbing & Heating General Manager George Fredericks to brief the 411 on issues related to spring installation, the importance of boilers, and more.

What installation problems do homeowners face this time of year?
The biggest problem this time of year is no heat calls, but the installation is not seasonal. So we are still busy with all aspects of installation and heating.

In the coming summer season, what should homeowners do to make sure they don’t have any problems with their installation?
Do not open the water outdoors too early. If you do this before mid-April, there is a chance of a freeze.

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What is a Common Misconception About Plumbing Home Owners?
A common misconception homeowners have about plumbers is that everything is very simple and we can fix it right away. But plumbing can be technical, and troubleshooting anything that carries or holds water can get complicated. Unlike other professions, it takes a plumber five years to get a full education.

Talk about the importance of boilers.
It is very important that you have an efficient heating system / boiler in your home. An efficient boiler can save you thousands in just one winter. Call us anytime.

What is the difference between radiant heat and compressed air?
Radiant heat is hot water pipes in the ground that cause warm floors. Forced air is heated air from ventilation slots.

Tell us about your new construction work and your offer.
We are a full service plumbing and heating company. We can bring plumbing / heating in a small house into a 15 bath house and everything in between – low-end to high-end.

To learn more about Hardy Plumbing & Heating, call 631-283-9333 (Hamptons), 631-298-8181 (North Fork), or visit hardyplumbing.com.

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