Great ideas to add style to your kitchen and laundry The Standard

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Your kitchen and laundry areas do the heavy lifting so you can prepare delicious meals and wash your clothes so they are clean and comfortable to wear.

Because of this, it is important to implement a new concept to add style to these areas and to maintain the overall beauty of your home.

This post is going to share some great ideas on how to make your laundry and kitchen areas more stylish than ever. In this way, you don’t feel burdened by the additional tasks and can enjoy cooking and washing clothes due to the beautiful ambience.

Maximize the space in your kitchen and laundry areas

With a minimalist design, you want to hide your bulky kitchen and laundry equipment as much as possible, or place it in a place that is unnoticeable or reminds you of tedious chores.

For your laundry area, you can press an ironing board into the wall or hide it in the closet between the wall posts to create additional space.

You can also install a breadboard in your small laundry room so that wall space is not wasted.

Another idea is to anchor shelves in your laundry area for more flexible storage so that you can hang laundry items and take up every possible space.

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the space in your kitchen:

  • Maximize space by adding shelves above your cabinets
  • Use the open wall area to hang kitchen utensils
  • Use magnetic knife strips to store other items like metal kitchen utensils and pot lids next to knives
  • Adding another shelf in kitchen cabinets is a good idea to maximize space
  • Hang kitchen utensils on the sides of the kitchen cabinet
  • Use the inside of the kitchen cabinet doors

Use your laundry area for other purposes

Your laundry room is not exclusive to laundry as you can use it as a general storage space or as a space for your pets.

Keep the litter box under the sink.

You can also set up a comfortable sleeping alcove for your poodle in the closet.

Installing linen closets to store your linens and pillowcases, as well as unused comforters, is also a good idea.

The shelves can also be used to store clothes that you rarely use or clothes that are used for special occasions or seasons.

It is a smart idea to keep detergents and chemicals on the top shelves for safe keeping out of the reach of children.

Keep your kitchen stylish with recessed lighting

To achieve maximum functionality and comfort in your inspiring kitchen, you need to work on your lighting.

The best lighting plan for the kitchen involves properly placing different types and sources of lighting. For example, you need a built-in light for cooking or preparing food.

Ambient light will help illuminate your entire kitchen area, making it a welcoming and engaging place to work and even connect with your family.

Mood lighting highlights your kitchen cabinets, counter spaces, architectural details and special collections.

Here are the areas where you can install recessed kitchen lights for a clean and stylish look:

  • Countertops
  • Island bars
  • General lighting (open floor plan areas)
  • Hotplates
  • Opposite areas

Add a countertop to your laundry area

You can install a butcher’s block plate on your washing machine for additional usable work space.

You can also pull some cute curtains to create a cozy corner for your utility room.

While laundry areas aren’t exactly festive, it’s a smart trick if you want to upgrade the look of your lovely home.

Change the color of your kitchen color

When there are many shades to choose from, this can be a time consuming process.

When it comes to choosing the best colors for your kitchen, white, gray, yellow, green, blue and red shine.

Choosing the right one for your kitchen area can create a welcoming space.

Here are the recommended colors and benefits for your kitchen:

  • Red: Stimulates the appetite and makes your kitchen burst
  • White: Enlivens the room
  • Yellow and Green: For a clean and fresh looking kitchen
  • Blue: Balances the heat of cooking to create a more relaxed cooking space


With your creative imagination, you can make your laundry and kitchen areas more stylish.

Don’t hesitate to try new concepts that you think will work best for you.

Learning from experienced interior designers can also help you come up with the best design ideas, such as: B. Maximize space, use space for different purposes, use the right lighting, and choose the right colors.

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