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Stained dishes, itchy skin, and white spots on faucet fixtures are all signs you could have a problem with hard water in your home. In fact, Indianapolis is among many US cities with the highest levels of hard water.

Lance Smith, Owner of LD Smith Plumbing, explains about signs to look for and water treatment solutions. LD Smith Plumbing is offering $150 off a new water softener installed in your home, and a free hard water test for your home. Request an appointment today.

What is hard water?

Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium. It is not a health issue but can be a nuisance if not controlled.

Signs of hard water

  • Three skins than usual
  • Clothes have a dull look after washing
  • Scale on faucet fixtures
  • Appliances that use water wear out quickly due to limescale buildup

Water treatment systems to solve hard water problems

There are several options available to address hard water in your home. Options range from whole-house systems to devices on faucets. The best solution is to remove large amounts of minerals from your water quickly and consistently is a water softener. There are two options for water softeners – salt and saltless.

Salt-based water softener
If hard water levels are considerably high (11-15 gpg), a salt-based water softener works well. It minimizes limescale and other minerals from your water. You also want to check the basin periodically for a salt bridge, which is a hard crust that forms in the brine tank and creates an empty space between the water and the salt. If you notice salt levels are still high in the basin or hard water has returned, a salt bridge could be the cause. We recommend HydroQuest Water Softener Systems for homes that need a salt-based treatment.

Saltless water treatment
Saltless water treatments are known as conditioners because they neutralize the minerals that cause hard water. It works by descaling hard water through a process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), which transforms the minerals into crystals that flow through your water system without sticking to the pipes. Typically, these systems are low maintenance and less expensive than salt-based water softeners. LD Smith Plumbing installs Flow-Tech, a popular and affordable saltless option.


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