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LOVE SUNSETS: Last Thursday evening on our way back from a Danville Junction Grange meeting, ambulance handling a car accident blocked the street. I had to turn around but didn’t know where I was in the dark because I wasn’t careful and I didn’t have my phone with me. Can you please help me thank Rusty, a good Samaritan who helped me find my way home by leading the way in a Chevy pickup truck? Rusty will be waiting for a meal menu at the Danville Grange Bean Supper this Saturday, May 4th at 5 p.m. We reserve a seat for him so that he can enjoy all the baked beans, casseroles, cakes and drinks. It’s the last bean meal in Grange until next fall. Hope to see you there, Rusty.

– Danville Grange member, Auburn

ANSWER: I so much hope Rusty sees this! And I hope the dinner is well attended! Grange Hall is located at 15 Grange Street in Auburn.

Dear Sunspots: Regarding the person who wrote about cabinet door and drawer front replacement (April 10th sunspot), my husband ran Apex Cabinet. He bought some doors from a manufacturer in Pennsylvania, but unfortunately they are only joineries and contractors. Probably the best option is to find a company that deals with door and drawer replacements.

– Marguerite, not a city

ANSWER: For the reader who wrote the letter asking for a replacement for kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, the manufacturer’s name may be on the side of a drawer if you pull it all the way out. The ones in my kitchen have a company name and a website!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to share another Sun Spots surprise with the readers. My boyfriend and I went to Gipper’s Sports Grill in Auburn on Tuesday, April 9th, unaware that it was opening day of the Red Sox. The place was full.

We found a table and ordered our food. When we asked our waitress for our check, she told us that someone had taken care of it.

We want to thank the person (s) who did this for us. We’ll pass it on with memories of you. Thank you very much.

– No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Love it!

LOVE SUN SPOTS: This is a great time to remind everyone of the graduation scholarship information. As the class secretary of the Edward Little High School Class in 1960, I received information about the ELHS Alumni Scholarship Fund years ago. The information suggested making a donation after every five-year reunion. A class can give $ 1,000 or a dollar amount representing their class numbers at the 25th reunion. In the past few years, nine US $ 1,000 scholarships have been awarded for graduation. The scholarship fund has grown and alumni can be proud that it was founded so many years ago. The student advisory service determines the recipients.

– Mary Ann, not a city

ANSWER: Participating in this scholarship program is a great way to give back to the community and recognize all of the students who have worked so hard. If you are an ELHS graduate, contact your class representative and join in!

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