Get Plowed This Winter With Us & Ehlinger Lawn Service!

This winter we’ve teamed up once again with Ehlinger Lawn Service we want to get you plowed this winter. Simply enter to win below and we’ll pick the lucky winner Wednesday, November 23rd.

You could win an entire season of snow plowing simply by registering below!

Man removing snow after storm with a snowblower

Grzegorz Kieca/ThinkStock

Think about not having to get up EXTRA early and clear snow off your driveway in the morning before work! That’s a few extra minutes in bed! How about NOT breaking your back by clearing the snow from the end of your driveway after the snow plow goes through? You’ll be covered by Ehlinger Lawn Service.

When we get more than an inch of snow they will come on out and clear your driveway! No phone calls are needed!

Ehlinger Lawn Service, providing exceptional professional lawn care to Central Minnesota residential and commercial accounts since 1996. Get more information about Ehlinger Lawn Service at Help us get you plowed with Ehlinger Lawn Service this winter!

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