Generating a window replacement wave | Glass for Europe

This is the message that the European glass and window industry, represented by Glass for Europe, EuroWindoor, ARGE, European Aluminum, EPPA and ES-SO, would like to send to the EU legislators who are currently reforming both the EED and the EPBD shape.

The window sector supports the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% but recommends introducing an indicative sector-specific sub-target for buildings to ensure that building renovation finally gets going. In this context, the authorities play an important role and should lead by example by investing in the renovation of all government and public buildings.

Windows and glazed areas are essential to the energy efficiency of buildings, but they also ensure the comfort and well-being of the people who live and work in these buildings. Glass is important to provide daylight and to allow a view to the outside. In line with the new European Bauhaus initiative, Glass for Europe believes that aspects such as access to the outside world and sufficient natural daylight should be taken into account when designing strategies for energy renovation.

For more information, see Review the Energy Efficiency Framework to Generate a Window Exchange Wave

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