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The garage is a great place to store household items when they’re not in use. Basic — but sturdy — shelving units can do the job.

If you’re short on space in your garage, however, consider some creative storage options to maximize your storage space.


Using the vertical space in your garage helps free up floor space. Anything you don’t access on a regular basis can be hoisted up. Look for bicycle storage systems that use rope and a pulley with hooks attached at the end to allow you to safely store your bikes overhead. A similar pulley system can be used to elevate a metal shelf where you can store items in plastic bins overhead. If you have access to a ladder, a fixed overhead storage shelf is also an option.

Wall Storage

If you’re short on floor space, look for creative options for storing items such as bikes, and sports and lawn equipment on the wall. A modular wall-mounted slat storage system allows you to customize your storage for your particular items. Add hooks, wire baskets or shelves to the slats to store items of a variety of shapes and sizes — from a rake to a garden hose to a bicycle.

Even the inside of your garage door can be made into useful storage space. Attach metal brackets to hold light sports equipment such as fishing rods horizontally.

Function over form

Of course you could go all out with a brand new customized garage storage system, but you don’t have to spend a lot to make your space functional. If you’re on a budget, consider hitting the classified ads, yard sales or a resale shop for garage storage options. If you don’t mind less than perfect aesthetics, look for quality items that might have some cosmetic defects. The key is to focus on being sure the storage units you choose are sturdy enough to hold your items.

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