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Jim Morrison may not be the lead singer, but Rex Caton, Dan Rokjer and Bill Bozeman are putting together professional music these days, even though they are all 55 and over and have only been playing together for a year.

You recently recorded a few songs with record producer Sonny Yambor. All are residents of New Smyrna Beach.

The trio, which still has no official name, got together on a social media app following a shout from Mr. Caton and was looking for someone who wanted to play classic southern rock, blues or whatever. Her first training session was in Mr. Rokjer’s garage. This is the temporary band name for Garage Doors. Now they practice weekly at Mr. Caton’s house, who now has a studio.

Mr. Caton, 58, is the CEO of Caton Hosey Insurance in Port Orange. The singer and guitarist said, “I did (the studio) for my son (Dallas Caton) who is a record producer in LA. I wanted him to come back here as often as possible so I created an environment for him to come back and do his job. “

Dallas Caton recently worked with Ciara and Joshua Bassett from High School Musical.

“My wife and I like to have people with us. (Music) seems like a wonderful option when you’re throwing a party to add luck to the party, get bands playing when there are people who can play, or go to the karaoke machine and people get up and start singing, “said Mr. Caton said. “They’re making a party for me against a stuffy cocktail party.”

He admits that, unlike his son, he has only had a musical disposition in recent years.

Mr. Bozeman, 76, has an impressive musical background, studied piano at an early age and owned a legendary Fender Stratocaster at 14.

“I switched from piano to guitar when I was 12 or 13,” he said. “I lived in Montgomery, Ala., And we were the house band for a Saturday morning stage show in one of the old big theaters. There was a radio broadcast and a stage show, and they spawned emerging new artists. People like Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Stevens, all of these people. We played with them when we were teenagers. I started another band when I was in college. “

He has also worked with Felton Jarvis, the producer of Elvis Presley.

As a retired professor at the University of Central Florida, Mr. Bozeman has published more than 100 articles and five books. About the music he said: “I really can’t imagine a life without music. We cannot do enough to promote the arts in public schools. Music sets us apart from other creatures. It is a path to creativity, innovation and peace. I think that brings Dan, Rex and Bill together in our wonderful city. “

Mr Rokjer, 57, had never played music until he was 50. He is an engineer and currently works in sales and marketing at plastics companies. “There is life after 50,” he said. “Music nourishes the soul. I’ve never had it in the past and now it’s just great. “

Mr. Yambor, 69, the producer, has an impressive history of his own and is currently juggling three companies. It took him 20 years to create a music studio in his house that could compete with everyone else that can be found.

In the fourth grade of the Reed Pattillo Elementary School he began to play the trumpet. He first met his wife Lois in junior high school, where they both played in the band, with him on the trumpet and her on the clarinet. They were friends for years before getting married in 2000.

His diverse career has included putting together surf events, including those for the Association of Surfing Professionals. His duties included being responsible for pro surfing on the east coast as well as in the Caribbean and Central America for four years. He started his kindergarten (Sun Splash) in 1990 which has grown into a full service kindergarten in New Smyrna Beach. He is also a commercial beekeeper who manages around 20,000 beehives. Last year he sold 220,000 pounds of honey.

“The music is because Lois and I met in 2000. She is a remarkable musician, better than I ever was. She drafted me to be in her band, ”Yambor-san said. “I felt more comfortable than the guy in the background who turned all the knobs. So I learned how to turn knobs and started the studio. “

With a little help, he’s done better over the years, for example with his newest mentor, Jim DeVito.

“I have a lot of albums under my belt. I can take in; I can mix, I can do it on a CD, the whole process in the industry can be done right here, ”said Yambor. “I wear a lot of hats during the day, but that suits my personality. I love all the things i do. “

The trio is open to public appearances. For more information, email Mr. Caton at [email protected].

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