Garage breaks in on the rise, Wynnum

Over the past month, the Wynnum Police Division have identified a growing trend in which offenders are using garage doors to gain entry to homes.

This entry has been gained through several means, including through doors that are left open, doors that have been forced open as well as offenders gaining access to garage door remotes located within unsecured vehicles which are parked in driveways.

Upon entry to the garage, offenders have been able to target vehicles that have been left unsecured or locate car keys left in the garage, subsequently stealing the parked vehicles.

In order to help prevent these types of offenses from occurring, police invite you to review your existing home security and also consider some ways to remove the opportunity for an offense to occur by making it difficult for an offender to gain entry.

Here are some great tips:

  • Lock and secure your vehicle, even when garaged
  • Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle to remove temptation
  • Treat your car keys like cash and remember they represent the value of your car
  • If your garage is attached to the home, ensure the internal door is kept locked as the more effort an offender has to exercise, the less likely they are to continue the offense

If you’ve been putting off a garage clean-up, appease yourself by thinking of it as you are doing your bit to disrupt crime by leaving out obstacles!

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