Game consoles, hot tubs and Lego are some of the UK’s most wanted pandemic products. Very reports – Retail Times


New data shows that game consoles have been the most sought after non-food retail items in the UK since the pandemic began, as gamers ran for the latest product launches and families eager to stay entertained at home, according to The Very Group, operator of Very.

The online-only retailer, which sells everything from clothes and TVs to beds and toys, has compiled a list of the top 20 most wanted products on since the first national lockdown began on March 23, 2020 with game consoles. including PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch – in first place.

Entertainment, DIY and fitness

The best games were closely followed in the search table by TVs (2) and iPhones (3), but entertainment wasn’t the only thing British families had on their minds during the lockdown. The customers wanted the articles to be used in the garden and look for garden furniture (13) and trampolines (14). And they haven’t neglected the interior of their houses either, with curtains (6), wardrobe (11), vacuum cleaner (12) and wallpaper (18) also on the table.

Unsurprisingly, staying fit during lockdown was also important – even if we only trained an hour a day in a few months. Nike trainers (5), smartwatches, including Apple Watch (10) and Fitbit (17); and treadmills (20) are all included in the most popular items.

And a special mention for a classic: Lego’s enduring popularity, fueled by a series of product launches, continued. It reached eighth place in the most searched table. LOL surprise toys – at number 16 – also continued their popularity.

Bubbling demand

Once the pandemic broke out, there were some dramatic swings in search demand. In the week of the first national ban notice, searches referring to garden DIY terms increased 2,941% compared to the previous week.

Meanwhile, a lockdown favorite was starting to gush. Searches for hot tubs that ranked number nine on the most searched list increased 663% in the week of the first lock, compared to a week earlier.

And remote working remained a major issue during the pandemic as the government encouraged the public to work from home if possible. Since March 23, 2020, search queries relating to the home office such as “office”, “printer” or “desk” have increased by 186% compared to the same period of the previous year. And it’s that appetite that led laptops to hit number four on the most wanted list and desks to hit number 15.

In the meantime, with hairdressers closed due to much of the pandemic, many of us have channeled our inner stylist, often with mixed results. Since the initial lockdown, searches related to home hairdressing, including terms like “clippers” or “hair dye”, have increased 551% compared to the same period last year.

light at the end of the tunnel

The Prime Minister’s announcement on February 22, 2021 of the “Roadmap”, which set out progressive plans to reopen the country, was another catalyst for a change in search trends.

In the week immediately following the announcement, the nation turned to children returning to school. Back to school searches, including terms like “school” and “uniform”, increased 321% compared to the previous week and increased 136% in the same week in 2020.

Sam Perkins, General Manager of Retail at The Very Group, commented, “These results reveal our pandemic priorities as well as some interesting changes in what we have all been looking for. In almost every case – from consoles and hot tubs to televisions and patio furniture – we’ve looked for things that would make staying home better during the lockdown.

“If you mix two big and highly anticipated console launches with a nation stuck indoors, gaming has probably always been number one. However, some trends may be more surprising, like the dramatic increase in the appetite for hot tubs or the sudden surge in search after curtains.

“But it can all be an announcement like we saw on February 22nd, 2021. Suddenly, British families focused on back to school and now have their eyes on what they will wear when they can finally get in touch with friends.

“With vaccines successfully rolled out and restrictions gradually lifted by the summer, we expect search and purchase patterns to return to their prepandemic norms, which is likely to benefit fashion in particular as more of us socialize.”

Top 20 most searched items on from March 23, 2020 to February 26, 2021

1 Game console
2 TV
3 iPhone
4th Laptop
5 Nike sneakers
6th curtains
7th iPad
8th Lego
9 Whirlpool
10 Apple Watch
11 wardrobe
12th vacuum cleaner
13th garden furniture
14th trampoline
15th writing desk
16 LOL surprise
17th Fitbit
18th background
19th Airpods
20th Treadmill

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