From Broken Windows To Windscreens, These Auto Glass Experts Fix Everything

Glass is an integral material in any vehicle. It is used in the form of windscreens, windows, mirrors, etc., which are important components of a vehicle. These glass products help the driver navigate his surroundings when he’s on the road, which is essential for safe driving.

Despite their unexpendable nature, these glass parts of the car are fragile and can shatter in case of mishaps. Luckily, auto glass experts such as Windscreen4u (available in Australia and the UK) can replace broken glass and make it new again.

The nimble yet effective manner in which Windscreen4u conducts its repairs is kind of satisfying to watch. Check out their car windscreen and window replacement process in the video below.

Auto glass repair done right

Whether the glass is just cracked or totally shattered, Windscreen4u fixes the issue immaculately. As per its website, it offers to repair a range of different auto glass, including windscreens, door windows, and sunroofs.

As obvious from the name, windscreen repairing is something that the agency specializes in. In case the same windscreen can’t be fixed for cheap, the repairmen go for replacement as the final resort. For this process, they strictly use certified windscreen models that meet all the local standards.

The first step in windscreen replacement involves removing the damaged windscreen. For replacing shattered or partially broken windscreens, the repairmen first reduce the rest of the glass to smithereens using a hammer-like tool and protective gloves. After that, it’s time to take out the glass-less frame of the windscreen with a chisel. Next, they vacuum-clean the remnant glass pieces, apply the bonding agent, and fix the new windshield.

Windscreen4u fixes all these auto glass types. (Image:

Apart from repairs and replacements, Windscreen4u also provides window tinting service. This not just enhances the aesthetic appeal of the car windows but also shields the passengers from harsh sunlight. In other words, tinting protects you from UV exposure and maintains the indoor temperature of the vehicle.

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