Four Seasons Plumbing offers carbon monoxide safety tips this winter

Rose shared several practices for maintaining safe, natural gas-free environments:

  1. Conduct regular checks on gas water heaters. Those with gas water heaters should do weekly checks to ensure everything is on track and running as it should. This is especially true for Carolineans, as these machines may be running at full blast to provide hot water for the entire household during the coldest month of 2022.
  2. Make sure the carbon monoxide detector batteries are up to date. Aside from their water heaters, homeowners should also check their carbon monoxide detector batteries. Make sure the batteries are up to date, have extras on hand just in case, and test the detector to see if it’s working properly.
  3. Don’t be afraid to look for a new detector either. If, after checking and/or replacing the batteries, something still seems wrong with the detector, don’t be afraid to buy a new one. A fully functional and alert detector will only last five to seven years, so buying a new one can ensure your home is safe.
  4. Know the signs of a carbon monoxide leak, just in case. With the previous steps, one can ensure that the water heater in his or her home is not producing any harmful natural gases. Still, as an extra precaution, homeowners should be aware of these telltale signs of a carbon monoxide leak: a “rotten egg” smell throughout the home, pilot lights blowing out frequently, and heavy condensation on glass if the gas water heater is installed near a window.

“The importance of this last point cannot be overstated,” Rose said. “Even after following the other steps, your greatest asset is your own intuition. If you feel a situation is unsafe, leave home and call an expert for further evaluation. Then, after the situation has been managed, you can use the other steps to continue to be proactive going forward.”

Homeowners should consider contacting a licensed plumber if they have questions about any of the steps listed above. A trained professional can assess the situation and create a plan on a case-by-case basis that meets the needs of each household.

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