Form a pipe – support in the repair of the concrete infrastructure

On this episode of The Cure, Jonathan Kozlowski, Editor of Concrete Contractor, speaks to Professor Mo Ehsani, President and Owner of Form-A-Tube LLC and Centennial Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona.

Professor Ehsani developed the Form-A-Tube product, which a contractor can use to put together an ad hoc form on the website. Turn the product over on the back and it’s a reusable shape.

Concrete Contractor’s The Cure is a video series exploring the concrete industry and events, seeking a solution to the problems of concrete contractors. Episodes can cover a wide range of topics including pouring concrete, pouring cement, decorative concrete, etc. Learn about equipment and products, pumps, trowels, repairs, and more. Moderated by Jonathan Kozlowski, editor of Concrete Contractor.

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